Mrs. Anna Johnson

“I was able to pay of my mortgage and get over $25,000 to completely remodel my home. Without ReverseMortgage.Pro I would have not been able to afford to fix my home. What a blessing…. Thank you for your help.”

Jim and John Wagner (brothers)

“Our Mom did not owe anything on her home but thanks to ReverseMortgage.Pro she was able to get over $250,000 Tax and Payment Free to pay for her new Walk-in Bathtub  and an in-home healthcare giver. Now she can let the house pay to keep her well
taken care of.”

Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Friend

“ReverseMortgage.Pro didn’t push us to make a decision, he came out to our house and explained the programs, after he left he gave us plenty of time to decide. We had heard a lot of rumors about reverse mortgages and we were so glad we talked to a pro. This program provided us a $75,000 credit line that allows us to take care of our house and ourselves, with no monthly payments. All seniors should look into the program yourself, sometimes rumors are just that……..rumors”

Mr. & Mrs. Kincaid

“After learning all about the FHA Reverse program, we jumped aboard using the program to pay off our regular mortgage, now if something happens to one of us, the other can live comfortably in our house without a mortgage payment. For us, that’s a savings of over $15,000 a year!”